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A cute little mermaid is waiting for your suggestion for her hairstyle. Would you like to solve her problem?
Played : 3007   Fans : 0
She is getting married today. Everything has been done. The only thing left is the nice hairstyle. You must go to the hair salon as quickly as possible.
Played : 1930   Fans : 0
New semester after term begins,Dora found around classmates have become fashion a lot, she must keep up with the trend, she was determined to make a nice haircut. Come to help her.
Played : 2325   Fans : 0
You have to run your own hairdressing salon. Satisfy the young girls who visit frequently in your hair salon! Serve the customers by dragging the right tools and choice of styles.
Played : 2150   Fans : 0
Rapunzel has very long hair. Long hair has always needs cleaning. In this game you are going to wash her hair. Then you will do her beautiful hairstyle. When you are finished hairs you will give a nice make up.
Played : 3918   Fans : 1
You are in a fabulous hair saloon that creates new hairstyles for fashionable girls. Your task is to use the hair styling tools appropriately and create stunning hairstyles for this girl.
Played : 2006   Fans : 0
Here is a nice make up game for you in which you have a makeover salon and she is your customer. Try to give her a nice facial treatment with some magical touch.
Played : 3114   Fans : 0
Heather always likes to try new hairstyles every day. She has her own home spa in which she has all kinds of hairstyling tools and hair accessories. Help her create a beautiful hairstyle for this wonderful day!
Played : 2129   Fans : 0
What is your favorite hair style short or long hair with curls, you can experiment many styles with this hair styling game. Lets try some new hair styles and enjoy.
Played : 2166   Fans : 0
Tired of same old hairstyle? Why not visit the hair salon a request for a new hair style. Short hair or long. Straight or curly. Colored hair or black. Name it! Just let your hair stylist know what you want.
Played : 2435   Fans : 0